Premium Security Camera & Access Control System Design & Installation in Livonia, MI

Security Designs Inc. has 35+ years of experience designing and installing the most effective security systems in Southeast Michigan.

Over the years, we have protected a variety of corporate, governmental, and educational entities in Michigan. As a Certified Honeywell Integrated Dealer, can help you keep an eye on the most vulnerable aspect of your business, your security. We help you plan wisely and react efficiently in the event of a security threat with features like keyless entry, alarm systems, intercoms and camera systems. Stop wishing you had eyes in the back of your head, and let Security Designs Inc. secure your business instead!

Recent Major Projects

  • Integrated Network Card Access and Video Systems
    • For the Livonia School District
  • A Multi-state Integrated Security Package Which Includes CCTV, Access and Security Systems
    • For the Huron Valley Steel Company
  • An Integrated Suite of Security, Cameras and Access Control
    • For Comcast Cable

We install the most effective and efficient security systems in the industry, but the software is only part of the equation. Each of our technicians has more than 10 years of experience designing and installing security systems. We've developed unique designs to create a customized system specific to any business' needs, while maintaining user-friendly and visually sleek card readers that show no exposed wires or bulky machinery. Call us today at (734) 421-0077 for more information on our precise design and efficient installations.