Alarm Systems & Monitoring 

Commercial Alarm Systems Livonia MI - Remote Monitoring, Fire Alarms | Security Designs Inc. - securitycamerasGet Instant Access to Your Facility with Security Cameras and Activity Monitoring

In order to capture activity and potential breaches quickly, most facilities need access to multiple cameras simultaneously. This is especially true with large facilities. In the event of an alarm, our camera systems turn on automatically. Our team can program your system to send you a video clip and text alert to keep you in control, wherever you are. You'll be able to simultaneously watch the live footage and securely record the feed at the time of an alarm.

Powerful Reporting Capabilities Can Pinpoint Activity 

Custom reports allow you to quickly see patterns of use and potential vulnerabilities. Our systems can be personalized to fit your needs. Get the most out of your building management system by integrating alarm monitoring with our powerful security cameras and card access systems. With a fully integrated system, you'll have security, energy efficiency, and building usage statistics all at your fingertips.

Security Designs Creates Scalable Systems Designed with the Future in Mind

Commercial Alarm Systems Livonia MI - Remote Monitoring, Fire Alarms | Security Designs Inc. - L_TCTRKSVA_D_TCTrackingServices_Ad3_hiLook beyond today to plan for the future. Our Honeywell systems technology communicates freely with your other systems and applications to achieve more streamlined building management. These modular systems are built around a scalable open architecture, allowing system expansion and life cycle savings. Take advantage of leading standards like BACnet®, LonWorks®, OPC®, and Modbus™ for easier configuration and seamless, third-party communication.


Fire Alarms with Optional Monitoring Service 

Early detection and a quick response are the only ways to minimize losses from a fire. The right fire alarm system will heavily monitor the conditions in highly flammable rooms or areas. It is important that you get the alert immediately when a fire breaks out, even if you are off the premises.