Manage Your Security More Efficiently From The Cloud

Cloud-based services have become so pervasive in our society, that it is no surprise that the safety and security industry has been taking advantage of this technology to improve the efficiency and reliability of its systems as well. This convenient and powerful technology enables us to manage our business and personal lives without depending on costly and often unreliable hardware. One of our partner companies, S2 Security, a leader in enterprise physical security solutions, has released a powerful new cloud-based service that greatly improves efficiencies.

S2 Cumulus is S2 Security's new cloud-based service that will enable both monitoring and administration of S2 products. This revolutionary security solution allows for communication between third party products, devices, and the people who use them.

S2 Cumulus has many useful features, including automatic alerts to changes in your system's status, remote software updates, software license management, and system health monitoring. Other capabilities will include video stream sharing, communication with third-party systems, remote mustering, and virtual credential acquisition and management.

There are many ways in which S2 Cumulus can benefit your business. To find out more, contact Technology Install Partners at t 888-586-7040 or at