Streamline Your Security with an Advanced Access Control Solution

Imagine an access control solution that’s flexible enough to suit your organization’s specific needs, while also being scalable as your requirements evolve. Fortunately, such a system does exist. It does not matter whether you represent a school district, sprawling hospital campus or a large corporation, having a comprehensive access control system is critical to protecting your property and most importantly, the people in and around your buildings. Avigilon access control solutions are renowned for being able to provide the right level of security for virtually any type of facility.

The Key Requirements of an Access Control Solutions

It’s the job of your access control system to perform three seemingly simple, but extremely important functions.

  • Identification: Identifying the individuals entering and exiting your building or specific areas is a critical first step in keeping bad guys out of your facility.
  • Authentication: Once identity has been established, the second stage of successful security is authentication. Methods vary, including coded passwords, fingerprints, encryption keys, and/or smartcards.
  • Authorization: Once authentication has been established, and building access granted, the person is now authorized to enter.

These three steps help prevent unauthorized access to your people and property, serving to stop crimes before they happen.

Sophisticated Access Control Solutions: Preventing Crimes. Dictating Action.

Further, the presence of visible cameras in a building has been proven as an effective deterrent against vandalism, intrusion, and even arson—and those are just the passive benefits of having a security system. After all, criminals look for easy targets.

An effective access control system, like Avigilon, determines who is entering and exiting your property. As a result, they can identify possible intruders and provide you with real-time notifications so that you can take appropriate action. Not all intruders are malicious, after all; some may merely be guests that have wandered inadvertently into a sensitive area because they have gotten lost. It could also be that the person in question is intentionally trying to gain access to unauthorized areas. Once you know the specific details of an incident, you can follow the appropriate protocol.

The Right Amount of Security for Your Particular Business

Every business is unique in its security requirements. An apartment complex, a government facility, a large business campus and a school all have distinct security requirements and a one-size-fits-all solution would not be appropriate. Warehouses and factories, for example, often employ dangerous equipment, and limiting access to that equipment during certain times of day can help to avoid industrial accidents. Providing a safe, crime-free environment are obviously the main goals of an access control solution.

Integration with Additional Access Control Technologies for a Complete Solution

You have countless options for expanding your access control solution to ensure the appropriate level of security for your specific business. These additional tools easily integrate with your existing system.

One Card Solutions: The one card solution grants door access using a card authentication system. New cards are easy to create and print on site, ideal for managing guests.

Biometric access control: To further simplify your security, you can choose from several biometric access control systems that use fingerprint recognition.

Gate access control: Your options range from vehicle barrier operators to traditional chain-link gates, controlling both vehicle and pedestrian access.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about our customized security solutions, please call or email the friendly representatives at Security Designs Inc for more information or a free consultation. Your system can be adapted, upgraded, or entirely replaced, depending on your requirements. Let’s talk today.