Video Surveillance Innovations: Advanced Security for Safer Environments

Technology has reached unparalleled advancement in recent years. However, with those innovations, comes greater opportunities for those with nefarious interests to inflict harm on innocent people.  The safety and security industry, fortunately, is continually evolving to stay ahead of wiley criminals. Fields like video analytics, for example, have advanced to the point that we can monitor our homes and businesses from virtually anywhere in the world.

Smart Technology for Superior Security

Knowing what’s new out there is the first step in protecting your interests. New video surveillance technology allows you to view security footage at sharper resolutions than ever before, making each image crystal clear, without clogging up your bandwidth.  

The downside of all of this information is that it can sometimes be overwhelming, and difficult to manage effectively.  In various movies and TV shows, we’ve all seen the cliché of a inept uniformed guard sitting idly in front of a bank of monitors, distracted by something trivial while the intruders sneak right past him. The natural limitations of the human attention span make such occurrences all too common, lending a grain of truth to that tired trope.  In fact, studies show that after only twenty minutes, a person monitoring a video scene will miss up to 95% of what’s happening on screen. Our brains simply can’t effectively process that much information.  The solution to this problem is intelligent monitoring, which allows the surveillance management system to analyze the image on the screen and interpret what is happening.  

Avigilon’s Powerful, But User-Friendly Surveillance Management System

Avigilon has designed a user-friendly surveillance management system that combines scalable, cutting-edge security solutions with high-end hardware to produce the most elegant and advanced system available.

Avigilon’s high definition video, advanced analytics and teaching capabilities ensures the system provides accurate alerts, which enables you to make informed decisions on-the-fly.

For example, the system can use pattern recognition technology to determine whether movement on camera is made by a person or something innocuous, like a stray animal.

Stopping Criminals in their Tracks

An additional benefit of a conspicuous security cameras  is that criminal activity is actually and measurably decreased in by their presence.  Even if a criminal decides to go through with a crime,, those cameras will capture footage that can be turned over to the authorities.

Protecting People for Peace of Mind

Effective security isn't only about protecting your property; it's even more important that it also takes care of people. Places like senior living facilities and schools also utilize surveillance technologies, helping to ensure the safety of all people in and out of the buildings.

If you are interested in learning more about security technologies, have questions, or think that Avigilon's scalable security management solutions are right for you, please call or email the friendly and professional staff at Security Designs Inc for more information or a free, no-obligation consultation!