Security Designs Inc. is a premium supplier of security and life safety solutions, based out of Livonia Michigan. Our team of experts will help you install, maintain and repair your solutions for a seamless operation and more control over your facilities. Our core competencies include:

Access Control

With our access control technology, you can control who is in your building, and when. The security provided by keyed-entry breaks down as soon as employee turnover occurs. When personnel changes happen, our keyless card access entry system doesn’t miss a beat. There is no more need to copy keys or reinstall locks - a few clicks to update your permissions and you’re done. A card access system gets rid of keys, controls who has access and at what times. Not only is access control good for security, but you can also use our digital monitoring service to help streamline the management of your facility’s systems like lighting and HVAC.

Alarm Systems & Monitoring

Security Cameras and Activity Monitoring allow you to have instant access to your facility - anytime! In the event of any unauthorized activity or suspected security breach, our camera systems will automatically turn on, giving you access to multiple cameras simultaneously. This is especially necessary for larger facilities, but our team is prepared to customize your system to suit your need. Ideal for busy people, the system can send you a text alert or video clip, so you will remain informed and in control, no matter where you are. When you integrate our powerful security cameras, alarm monitoring and recording capabilities, and secure card access systems, you have a power system that protects your people and your property.


Our Honeywell camera systems are tailored to the needs of your facility - big or small. Our wide array of camera offerings include wireless, dome, indoor color, digital video, video duplicators, and quad splitters. The experienced team at SDI has managed projects for border facilities to chemical manufacturing sites and so much more. No matter what your security needs are, we will meet and exceed your expectations.

Commercial Fire Alarm

Did you know that fire damage affects approximately 10% of businesses every year? Can your business afford to lose equipment, records, or product in a fire? Of course not! But so many businesses rely on old, outdated, or inadequate fire alarm systems that they are often caught unprepared when disaster strikes. Our commercial fire alarm systems are state-of-the-art, compliant with code requirements, and tailored to suit your needs. We work with trusted vendors like DMP, Siemens, and Honeywell to ensure that your system is both powerful and reliable. Our streamlined systems can automatically alert emergency services while pinpointing the affected areas and providing early warning to those who may be inside. Don’t trust that your current system is "good enough." Let's guarantee it.