Access Control Systems

Card Access Control Livonia MI - Michigan Keyless Entry Systems | Security Designs Inc. - cardaccess3Control Who is in Your Building, and When 

Enhance your security while managing the flow of people throughout your property with an access control system from Security Design Inc. Controlling access to your business is fundamental to having a cohesive security strategy. Traditional locks and keys are great until you have a personnel change. With card access you eliminate the need for copying keys and changing locks. With a few clicks you can give, or take away, access any room or building. 

Benefits of a Card Access System (Keyless Entry): 

  • Get Rid of Keys
  • Control Access Times
  • Control WHO Has Access
  • Easy to Reprogram


Card Access Control Livonia MI - Michigan Keyless Entry Systems | Security Designs Inc. - woman_with_card_readerKeep Key Employees From Becoming a Liability

Your organization likely has "key employees." Those who are responsible for opening and closing your facility -typically unsupervised. How many key employees you have depends on the size and nature of your organization. Lost keys and employee turnover are a reality at almost every business. Card access systems eliminate some of the most common security issues associated with the traditional lock and key systems. You'll even be able to update someone's security permissions in real time. 

A Personalized Access Control System Can Streamline Your Business Operations

Digital monitoring provides you with data to help manage your facilities more efficiently, including the HVAC and lighting systems. Our integrated security solutions can keep your property safe from perimeter to control room. Our systems include fire detection, alarm monitoring, emergency lighting, fire alarms, video surveillance, mass notification emergency communications systems and more. 

We Create Scalable Systems Designed with the Future in Mind

To get the most value, long-term, you'll need to integrate new and existing building management systems. We look beyond the current installation, discussing what your plans are for the future. Planning for expansion now protects you from extra costs later and speeds the process. Our experienced crews have been working with these systems for 35+ years; we can creatively apply any solutions to meet your needs. 

The Best Security Systems Communicate With Each Other

Systems installed by Security Designs Inc. can communicate freely with other systems and applications to achieve more streamlined building management. Using the top enterprise solutions from Honeywell, we install scalable, modular systems. Leading standards like BACnet®, LonWorks®, OPC®, and Modbus™ add easier configuration and third-party communication. Fill out the lead form on the right or give us a call to get started with your free security consultation. 

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