Access Control Management by Avigilon

Access Control Management (ACM) is Avigilon’s enterprise-class installation security solution, which maximizes your access and control features, while minimizing your need for redundant data entry. ACM is an IT-friendly physical access control system that streamlines physical security, while integrating with your other important business applications. With a browser-based design for easy access, you gain the ability to respond immediately to alerts, whether you are at home, at the office, or anywhere in between. Real-time access and alerts mean that your property, assets, and most importantly your people, are protected and secure.

With the ACM in place, there is no external database required. You will have easy access via multiple points like your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or any web-enabled equipment. When you choose ACM as your security solution, you won’t have to deal with client-based licensing or client software—our software solutions are HTML5 and web-based for your convenience. ACM operates on a Linux-based system hosted, on a Highly Available VM environment, working completely from non-proprietary Mercury panels in order to better protect your hardware. An important benefit is the lack of fees involved in our ongoing support and software updates.

The best part about choosing ACM as your security solution is that it can integrate with your previous investments in security. A highly flexible solution, Avigilon’s Access Control Management system can integrate with existing SQL, Oracle, and LDAP databases, as well as recurring CSV imports on a base level. This functionality means that you can schedule your synchronization of cardholders without worrying about redundant data entry, thus lowering your margin of error, and increasing your security by allowing you to expediently terminate badge access when needed. Our HID Mobile ID solution keeps mobile credentials secure.

In addition, security is further enhanced with our partitioned system that allows various departments to manage their own door-based security separately from each other. Finally, video events are tied directly into the Avigilon video solution and other video systems, allowing for bi-directional integration. The result of this vast feature set...a more powerful, streamlined solution that works the way your business does.

If you think the Avigilon system can help you strengthen and simplify your physical access contact our experts at Security Designs Inc. for a free, no-hassle assessment at 724-421-0077.