Avigilon Control Center 6

Avigilon’s video management software, the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 6, is at the leading-edge of video surveillance technology. Not only does the ACC 6 enable a faster response to security issues via your connected devices, but it also has been shown to reduce investigation times. ACC 6 uses an intuitive interface for ease of system management.

Simple and Scalable - The Best in Video Surveillance Technology

The scale of your current security system doesn’t matter. The ACC 6 system is not only easy to install, but also scalable to the individual needs of your property. All Avigilon’s full-featured solutions are designed to interface with the Access Control Manager system. There is also no need for an external database; motion and smart streaming come pre-configured to perform optimally with your system.

The ACC 6 is also flexible. You will not need to replace your entire existing system because ACC 6 seamlessly integrates with other solutions. Whether you are using your own open nonproprietary cameras, 3rd party cameras, or even 3rd Party VMS, the open solution will make it work.

Further, the ACC 6 will revolutionize the way you manage and interact with high-definition video. Bandwidth is kept low via the High-Definition Stream Management system, however, the ACC 6 is able to support up to 1300mbps per server.

In fact, we can scale any installation to suit your budgetary needs, offering cost-effective camera solutions in the 1-3 MP range. High-quality cameras in the 1-3MP range are also available without analytics, while Avigilon cameras in the 1-16 MP range have embedded analytics.

Powerful Search Features Provide the Complete Picture

When it comes to building a case for an investigation, parties usually need information from more than one camera as they piece together the entire story. The ACC 6 has the ability to track objects across multiple cameras using the Appearance Search feature, making the process much more efficient.

Great Value for No Additional Cost

There are no client licensing or reoccurring license fees involved with the ACC 6, including fees for software updates and support. Further, administrators, and operators are provided with free online training so they can easily support the new system.

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