Commercial Fire Alarm

Businesses often just assume that fire will never happen at their facility of that their current fire alarm system will protect them if it actually were to happen. Unfortunately, people often underestimate the unrelenting power of fire, and overestimate the capabilities of their often outdated, inferior fire alarm system. As a result, fire destroys or damages approximately 10% of businesses every year. Could you afford to lose product, records, equipment or your building in a fire? Then it’s time to evaluate your company’s fire alarm system to ensure it will protect your people and your livelihood.

Security Designs Inc. has significant expertise in designing, installing, testing and maintaining superior fire alarm systems to meet the specific needs of your business, while being compliant with code requirements.

We only work with trusted vendors like Honeywell, Siemens, and DMP, ensuring your system is reliable and powerful. For example, with our solutions, multiple sounders, horns and strobes alert employees and customers to the fire. Further, through an control panel, a monitoring station maintains electronic communication with the detection sensors and manual stations so the fire department is immediately notified when an alarm is triggered.

Let us work with you to design, install and maintain a system that keeps you, your employees and property safe in the event of a fire emergency. Contact us today!