Nurse Call

Flexible, reliable and affordable - Safety Designs Inc. has wide range of nurse call and emergency communication solutions for healthcare facilities and nursing homes. Regardless of your requirements and budget, we can create the right solution to help you deliver superior patient care. Our team of experts can even customize the perfect solution for your facility’s unique requirements.

Reliable Wireless Solutions

Our wireless solutions enable simple installation and integration. The two-way supervised, self-testing system uses 900MHz spread-spectrum technology and ensures devices are always available to you. Low-cost, but high-quality batteries can last up to three years and you will be instantly notified if they are running low.

Integration with Existing Systems for a Seamless Safety and Security Solution

Building Access: Our flexible and scalable Nurse Call systems can integrate with your building access system. A robust solution, your Nurse call system can be configured to notify staff of all door entry or egress, door bells, propped doors and open windows.

SmartPhone: Our Nurse Call system, like many of our safety and security solutions, also integrates with smartphones for improved communication and alert information. Text and email notifications via smart phone give you more flexibility and improve response times.

Emergency Phone & ARA Integration: Nurse call systems call also tie directly into Area of Rescue Assistance and Outdoor Emergency Phone systems. This powerful solution simultaneously alerts police, security and staff nurses for a more expedient response.

Refined Escalation Processes

Simply and easily define your escalation protocol. Define an escalation, create notification groups and types of escalation communication.

Insightful Reporting

Better manage care with detailed reports on past events, daily reports and delays. Use this data to make continual improvements to your procedures.

Variety of Equipment Options to Meet the Needs of Your Facility Whether you’re looking to install a whole new Nurse Call system, or simply upgrade what you have, we have the equipment you need to help you deliver excellent patient care.

  • Central station alarm monitoring interface
  • Location, egress, elopement & fall devices
  • Code blue stations
  • Wireless staff emergency stations
  • Custom sconce indicator lamps
  • Alpha-numeric pocket pagers
  • LED reader-boards
  • Cisco, Ascom, Spectralink & Panasonic interface
  • Two-way radio, telephone, email, SMS text & smart phone interface
  • Networked consoles
  • Door/window/bed exit notification
  • Active or passive resident check-in status
  • Repeater/locators for campus coverage
  • Locator and elopement beacons
  • Rescue assistance stations
  • Corridor and zone lamps
  • Wandering patient management
  • Smoke/motion/glass breakage detection

Contact us today so we can help you create a Nurse Call system that improves efficiencies, which benefits both your staff and patients.